Why strain?

Large model for extra stability. Why Strain? Avoid wrist and back pain.

 Leverage Booster Heavy Duty Large Bolt-on
Leverage Booster Heavy Duty Large Bolt-on

Product Description

This model is manufactured for heavy duty work. SUPER STABILITY & SUPER LEVERAGE

A raging Gorilla can not bend this stainless steel shaft.

This model fits works great on long handled tools and poles. Tree saws, Power tree saws, Utility long poles, Power weed and hedge trimmers. Shovels, snow shovels, rakes and many more.


Heavy Duty Stainless steel Bolts-on to position. Fits Handles 7/8" to 1 1/2" Fully adjustable bracket.

The added leverage also reduces wrist, arm, shoulder and back pain while working.

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