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Turboset Hook Holders

Turboset Hook Holders
Turboset Hook Holders
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Turboset Hook Holders
Spend more time fishing and less time untangling!

Avoid fish hook injury and tangled lines!

The conventional means of snagging your hook to your pole or eyelets is not reliable, and can result in the hook flying loose, tangling and causing injury.

The new, patented TURBOSET HOOK HOLDER is designed with safety and organization in mind. It easily clips on to your fishing rod, Over or under your fishing line. For a secure, tangle-free line simply unscrew the nylon knurled thumbscrew, insert your single hook, and gently tighten the screw down on the hook.

The hook is now non-exposed.

The Turboset Hook Holder prevents injury when reaching for the pole,while also preventing torn clothes and upholstery.

$9.95 + 5.95 S&H (Pack of Three)

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